Homemade dog food recipes


When you make HOMEMADE DOG FOOD RECIPES, always use a nutritious, well balanced recipe. Dogs need a specific amount of meat, carbs, and exact amounts of vitamins, supplements and minerals.

There is also the option of buying a commercial pre mix that is as healthy as homemade, but much easier. These pre mixes come with the protein or without, which gives you the chance to give your dog a wonderful variety.

Check out these healthy, nutritious pre mixes if you want to give your dog a homemade dog food diet without the worry of mixing and measuring the right amount of nutrients, vitamins, and supplements.

#2 – Commercial Dog Food is a Good Choice if you know What To Look For

 See These TOP 10 BEST DOG FOODS: Meat Based, All Natural, Holistic/Organic, GMO free, Grain Free, Human Grade - 

Trying to find the best dog food from the hundreds available can be a daunting task.

If you are trying to upgrade or improve your dog’s diet then look for good quality brands with reputable reputations.

The Top Best Dog Foods are MEAT BASED, All Natural, Grain Free, Human Grade, Organic, Holistic, and made with local (U.S.A. &/or Canada.) fresh ingredients.

The top ten best dog foods I have chosen here have all made the “best of” lists such as THE WHOLE DOG JOURNAL & DOG FOOD ADVISOR, & Petsumer Reports.


  • NO genetically modified ingredients.
  • NO pesticides,
  • NO antibiotics,
  • NO growth hormones,
  • NO corn,
  • NO fillers,
  • NO grain ,
  • NO Meat Meal,
  • NO Animal Fat,
  • NO Poultry By-Products,
  • NO Soybean Meal,
  • NO Rice gluten,
  • NO Wheat Mids,
  • NO Peanut Hulls,
  • NO Wheat Flour,
  • NO Wheat Bran,
  • NO Rice Flour,
  • NO BHA, NO BHT, and NO Ethoxyquin,
  • NO Artificial Colors or Flavors,
  • NO sugar
  • NO menadione sodium bisulfite complex (this is artificial synthetic vitamin K which is a carcionogenic, , or any other substandard, low quality, by-product from human food processing.
  • NO ingredients from China

Highly recommended dog food brands all have:

  • YES TO Natural Preservatives
  • YES TO Human Grade Protein
  • YES TO Whole fruits and vegetables
  • YES TO Named fats from quality sources such as chicken fat, sunflower oil, canola oil, salmon oil, or lamb fat, etc.
  • YES TO Chelated Minerals
  • YES TO NATURAL PRESERVATIVES Mixed Tocopherols (a natural source of Vitamin E), is the most common natural preservative. A dry dog food with natural preservation will have an expiry date, which is what you want to look for. )

TOP 10 BEST DOG FOODS - 2014about best and worst dog food


Honest Kitchen

Dr. Harvey'sdr. harveys
blue buffalo
Blue Buffaloblue buffalo
Taste of the Wild
Stella and Chewy's

Natures Variety


Top 7 worst dog foods


not recommended

Finally, the worst of all would be plain old table scraps. Yes, I know a lot of people say this is how it was always done before the advent of commercial food, but scraps ARE NOT HEALTHY, and should be avoided.

NOTE: ***Just throwing together meat and some leftovers is not a healthy or nutritious diet, and could actually be extremely harmful.

There are many dog food recipe cookbooks available today with proper proportions, nutrients and feeding amounts for an extremely healthy dog food diet.

*ALSO NOTE: TOXIC food that could kill your dog

Read, Review and Be Aware of what dog food ingredients should and should not be present in today’s commercial dog foods, and making an educated choice is imperative to giving your companion the best chance for a longer, healthier life.

Eliminate processed foods on a daily basis, as the chemicals, preservatives, additives, by-products, and junk from the rendering process are all known to be the cause of increased pet diseases and allergies.

The Best and Worst Dog Foods



Don’t fall for what the big commercial companies have brainwashed us into believing – that your companion animal must eat the same dry chemical filled meal day in and day out for their entire lives – NOT TRUE, NOT NECESSARY AND NOT HEALTHY! Rotation and variety are best!

I am not a vet or animal nutritionist, so always check with your own authority with any questions or problems. This is just a general starting guide for anyone interested in upgrading their pet’s diet.

 SUSIESee my little Beagle Susie here, who passed away in 2005 from cancer, before the contamination and recall. Since then consumer’s awareness has been raised.

Susie’s premature death from Cancer, and the recall both happened the same year, and this motivated me start reading, reviewing and educating myself about the big corporations disregard for our pets.

This website is dedicated to SUSIE. Through my research, recommendations, reviews, recipes and comparisons, I have tried to clarify and navigate through the dog food puzzle.

Keep up to date with Pet Food Recalls: @ FDA PET FOOD RECALL LIST.

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  1. I came across your website via a link posted by an independent pet store that promotes raw, high quality kibble, etc. Imagine my disgust to see the banner advertisement on your homepage for ProPlan dog food! Here you have a holistic minded, well intentioned dog food recommendation website that is profiting (PROFITING!) from big brand advertising by the likes of Purina. Shame.

    • Hi Jennifer. I don’t work for this site, nor do I have any affiliation with any particular dog food brand. I too, am searching for the best food for my new puppy and came across this site. I am an IT professional so I thought I would ease your mind by explaining that the owner of this site has no control over what ads run on it’s url when someone searches the site. At best, and for a large price, the web host server can narrow down the genre of advertisements. For example, if tampon advertisements are coming up on a dog site, that seems kind of silly right?? So they can opt for “animal related” content only. They rarely need to do this because the advertising gurus do this already. They obviously want to appeal to a market of people most likely to buy there products. Hence, dog food companies putting their ads on this type of website. Where tampons might not be such a hit.

  2. Hi – what a great article about the top natural dog foods. I have two american bull dogs (True Love and Dahlia) and one border collie (Dakine). The bull dogs are prone to allergies and loose stool if I don’t feed them a high fiber dry dog food. The one I feed them now is Hill’s Prescription Diet’s WD with max 20% crude fiber and they all thrive on it. However, I would very much like them to eat all natural. I make all their treats from scratch but with three dogs, I can’t find an economically feasible way to make it for and feed three dogs. Do you have any suggestions as far as which all natural brands you recommend that have the high fiber my True Love needs?

  3. Just wondering if you have reviewed the Primal Pet Foods brand. Particularly the frozen formulas. This is what I have been feeding my puppy since we got him from the breeder 9 months ago. He came on a diet of raw chicken necks mixed with grain free kibble. The breeder thought it was perfectly ok to mix raw and cooked. He had flaky skin and was scratching all the time. I give him raw diced chicken backs and necks about once every 7-14 days depending if I can get it. I’m not sure on how much raw meat and bones to give him in a meal though. I’ve been doing about .33 lb. He is almost 10lbs.
    Also, what are your thoughts on cottage cheese or greek yogurt… so many in the natural pet stores recommend it.

    Thanks for any comments!

    • Hi Holly:

      Thank you for visiting.

      Primal Pet Foods makes an excellent and easy to use raw dog food and freeze dried dog food formulas.

      I recommend and have actually used Primal Raw Dog Food. I keep my dogs on a rotation diet, and love the idea of all the ready made raw dog foods available which are a complete nutritional package. No need for guessing on amounts.

      If your lucky puppy is doing well on Primal pet foods then stick with that, following their feeding guidelines. You can easily give him a variety of flavours as they have a good choice of formulas.

      I have also used Natures Variety raw and really love that. (So do the “girls”.)

      See my RAW DOG FOOD reviews and recommendations here

      If you want to mix raw with kibble, which I have done also only using one of the high quality kibbles, I usually go for half and half. Use half the daily amount of kibble and half the amount of the raw dog food mixed together. Feed in two separate meals a day.

      Many companies now make complimentary food products and formulas which specifically encourage rotation of dry, raw, canned and flavours. (See HERE as an example)

      My girls have done well, and I have followed this method of rotation for years, first starting in 2008 on the advice of a veterinarian.

      Not all dogs can tolerate cottage cheese and yoghurt. If your puppy doesn’t have a reaction to them then a little spoon of either won’t hurt. ( Some dogs get gassy or diarrhea ) They both have excellent calcium, protein and beneficial bacterias and vitamins.

      Thanks for visiting and good luck with you special pup.


    • Hi Laura:

      You are so right – We all must be careful and diligent when choosing a commercial dog food.
      With all the problems regulating the pet food industry I still believe in making dog food yourself. Even so, there is then the problems of human food recalls etc.
      Ultimately we all must learn, read the news, be aware and responsible for ourselves, our children, our families first, which then extends to our pets, livestock, environment and then of course the future we are making for our children.

      Thanks for visiting,


  4. My Golden Retrievers are my life. I also only want the best for them so I give them organic natural dog food like you mention in your article. We feed Natural Balance and it’s certified and non-GMO and reasonably priced. They’re a great company – been around for years and trusted – and with all the news about hormones and chicken treatment I feel better feeding them this. My babies love chicken so I wanted to give them the best there is.

  5. My dog sally is an 18 year-old yorkie-poo who I love more than anything in the world. I’m mortified that I have been feeding her terrible food, I had absolutely no idea. Thank goodness I found this site! Do you have a recommendation for healthy treats for a girl her age?

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