Dog Food Comparison Chart – Compare Dog Food Brands by Ingredients – Worst and Best Dog Food

HEALTHIER DOG FOOD BRANDS CONTAIN: NO genetically modified ingredients. NO pesticides, NO antibiotics, NO growth hormones, NO corn, NO fillers, NO grain , NO Meat Meal, NO Animal Fat, NO Poultry By-Products, NO Soybean Meal, NO Rice gluten, NO Wheat Mids, NO Peanut Hulls, NO Wheat Flour, NO Wheat Bran, NO Rice Flour, NO BHA, …

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Vet Approved Homemade Dog Food – How to Make Homemade Dog Food

How to Make Homemade Dog Food This chart contains feeding amounts for your dog as per his weight starting at 10 pounds, up to 100 pounds, in 10 pound increments. Find your dog’s weight and go from there. After the “recipe section” there is a short article on different proteins, carbs, veggies and fruits you …

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HONEST KITCHEN Dog Food, Hypoallergenic & Dehydrated – Reviewed and Recommended

HONEST KITCHEN DOG FOOD Review CHECK OUT THE HONEST KITCHEN TRIAL SIZES All HONEST KITCHEN DOG FOOD formulas are Highly Recommended. Easy charts are provided below, so you can choose the one that meets your dog’s requirements. The Honest Kitchen dog food manufacturers say: “Humans actually taste every ingredient that goes into our recipes, as …

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HOMEMADE RAW RECIPES – How To, Tips and Benefits

How To, Tips and Benefits of preparing your own homemade RAW dog food. Did you Know our companion dogs are meant to eat a mainly carnivorous diet, which they won’t get with most commercial food?

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About Certified Organic Dog Food Labelling

Certified Organic Dog Food is an excellent choice of pet foods available today.

Certified Organic goods are monitored and reviewed by a third party organization, that is separate from the dog food industry standards.

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Commercial Organic Raw Dog Food Review

Raw dog food can be made fresh at home or can be found commercially prepared.

The ready made commercial food will have the advantage of the proper addition of vitamins, mineral supplements, and many use organic ingerdients.

If you are considering switching to raw, or you are already making your own raw dog food, and want an easier way to feed raw, review these foods.

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ACANA Grain-Free Dog Food – Reviewed and Recommended

ACANA REVIEW * NOTE: Acana is made by the same company as ORIJEN ACANA is manufactured by Award winning Champion Pet Foods – Pet Food of the Year Winner. 3 Formulas: ACANA CLASSICS: 55-65% meats, free of high glycemic grains, and feature local steel-cut oats as a low glycemic, single source of grain. For Adults, …

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What is Certified Organic Dog Food?

See the Best Certified Organic Dog Food Brands REVIEW @ ORGANIC DOG FOOD REVIEW: What is Certified Organic Dog Food? Benefits and Reasons to Switching are: Increased health and longevity. Organic ingredients are produce and grains that are grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). For Example – **Organic farming promotes …

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WORST DOG FOOD Brands, Updated 2015 | Bad dog food = Shorter Life

The worst dog foods for your dog: (in no special order, I would never recommend or use any of these foods)  I am just using these foods as examples of what I consider unhealthy and dangerous. Any dog who is fed a consistent and regular diet of corn will be more prone to illnesses, allergies and a shorter life. All the dog food brands here have corn as the # 1 ingredient, along with other harmful, cancer causing ingredients, inclucing chemicals, preservatives and unnecessary additives.

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Dangerous Dog Food – What Not To Feed Your Dog

If your dog has ingested a toxic food for dogs, the treatment may or may NOT involve inducing vomiting In some cases, inducing vomiting can cause more harm than good. Please do not take matters into your own hands

I have my local poison control center numbers for people and pets on taped by the phone. Look up your local area poison control center and do the same now while you are thinking of it.

The ASPCA ANIMAL POISON CONTROL CENTER IS available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The number is (888) 426-4435. A $65 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card.

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TOP 10 BEST DOG FOODS | All Natural, Holistic/Organic, GMO free, Grain Free, Human Grade

10 Best Dog Food Brands – All Natural, Grain Free Dog Food Recommendations | Natural, Chemical Free and Healthy Food for your Dog. Orijen | Acana | Blue Buffalo | Wellness and more

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Homemade Pet Food Recipes from Dr. Jones, DVM

FREE REPORT FROM VETERINARIAN DR. ANDREW JONES -How to Make Homemade Dog Food SAMPLE HOMEMADE PET FOOD RECIPES as RECOMMENDED BY DR. JONES. DOGS This will feed a healthy 30lb dog for 1 day. Beef or Chicken (Cooked) 1/3 lb Cooked rice or macaroni 2 cups Mixed vegetables up to 1 cup (it can be …

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Dog Health Solutions | Learn Pet First Aid

PET FIRST AID, LEARN TO SAVE YOUR DOG’S LIFE AT HOME What to Do if Your Dog Is Choking: A Dog First Aid Manual is most important to have handy and available in emergencies. This has got to be every pet owner’s nightmare… You are going for an enjoyable stroll while their dog frollicks with …

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Natural Dog Food Brands, A – Z – 2014, Listed Alphabetically From Acana to Ziwipeak

BEST Natural Dog Food Brands, A – Z – 2014, Listed Alphabetically From Acana to Ziwipeak Natural, Organic, Holistic, Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, Kibble, Canned, Raw and Homemade formulas. ACANA WEBSITE: I have also featured ACANA in my Top 10 Dog Food Brands. Made by award winning Champion Pet Foods. High-protein, grain-free and low-carbohydrate & …

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Signs of Arthritis in Dogs, Symptoms and Natural Treatment

Knowing the signs of arthritis in dogs can be helpful in determining if your dog is indeed suffering from arthritic pain and discomfort. Arthritis is a common diagnosis in dogs, especially as they age. While there is no cure for arthritis, it is a disease that can be managed.

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Natural Help for Dog Arthritis

Natural Help for Dog Arthritis Glucosamine use for dogs with arthritis who seem to be suffering from arthritis or even the just having the symptoms of arthritis has proved to be most effective in relieving pain. The healing agent called glucosamine that is used for dogs with arthritis comes from cartilage in animals that are …

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Easy Dog Training Tips

It’s widely accepted among the vast majority of dog training experts that the most effective and humane way to train your dog is through a process called positive reinforcement training. Use of positive reinforcement entails rewarding the behavior that you wish to see repeated, and ignoring the behavior that you don’t. Positive reinforcement works with …

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Homemade Dog Food Supplements, Natural Dog Supplements

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM has been a practicing Veterinarian for almost 20 years.

He is a strong advocate of Natural Pet Health Care, and knows that the most important way to heal our pets and prevent disease is through proper nutrition. He has formulated this all natural dog supplement for the ultimate dog health nutritional care.

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Best Dog Treats, Homemade Dog Treats

TIPS ON CHOOSING The BEST DOG TREATS THE BEST DOG TREATS ARE ALWAYS HOMEMADE. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO BE ABSOLUTELY SURE WHAT YOUR DOG IS INGESTING. If cooking for your dog is not something that sounds appealing, then there are definitely other choices. My favourite alternative to making my own homemade dog treats …

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