What is Certified Organic Dog Food?

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What is Certified Organic Dog Food? Benefits and Reasons to Switching are: Increased health and longevity.

Organic ingredients are produce and grains that are grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

For Example – **Organic farming promotes the humane treatment of animals. Organically-raised poultry, cattle and other animals are fed a certified organic diet, free of hormones, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or other animal by-products. They are never kept constantly caged, withou access to fresh air, or opportunities to socialize with other animals

Rather than relying on antibiotics to reduce disease, organic farmers prevent disease by ensuring that animals have a healthy lifestyle, with lots of pasture, comfortable and spacious shelter, and opportunity for natural socialization.**

Processed certified foods do not contain chemical preservatives or synthetic additives like colourings and waxes.

Organic farmers use quality compost, cover crops (such as nitrogen-rich alfalfa) and crop rotation to nourish soil naturally, and to allow it to rest and regenerate. Plants grown in healthy soil are better able to feed and protect themselves from pests and disease, which means they won't require heavy applications of fertilizers and pesticides. The expression, “Feed the soil, not the plant” is a familiar refrain among organic farmers.

Feeding your pet certified organic dog food is better for the environment and the companies making these products are more conscientious and eco-friendly. Certification is only given to those companies that acheive the standards as stated above. The certification is given by a third party agency that is regulated to do so.

Lady eats certified organic dog food


Lola and Zena

Lola wants to Play With Zena

Benefits for your pet:

  • reduction of allergies due to reduction of harmful artificial ingredients
  • fewer digestive problems for the same reason
  • longer life with less diseases and illnesses
  • Also there is less possibility of getting long term illnesses such as diabetes, thyroid problems, immune deficiencies, or cancer, just to name a few.

Just as with people, the healthier the dog's diet the better his health will be.

Lola and Lady

Lady and Baby Lola

If we eat fast food and over processed food regularly, then we see problems with obesity, diabetes, allergies, and numerous other diseases and illnesses associated with improper nutrition such as heart disease and early death.

The same problems exist for our pets when fed a less than healthy diet filled with chemicals, preservatives, additives, hormones, pesticides, and artificial products.

Read, Review and Be Aware of what should and should not be present in today's commercial dog foods, and making an educated choice is imperative to giving your companion the best chance for a longer, healthier life.