All my Animals

Lady and Lola

Here are just a few of the hundreds of pictures I have taken of all my animals.

These are just random in time and place, but includes pics from 1995 through 2010.

Pics are of :

Susie my Beagle – our little special girl we rescued from a horrible puppy mill. R.I.P. 1995 – 2005
Lady my Black Lab – the Queen of the household – rescued by us in 1997. R.I.P. 1997 – 2011
Lola my golden Lab – born in luxury and adopted into the best life ever by us in 2005 – 2017
Clifford the Mastiff – rescued from local shelter after my last baby passed suddenly at the age of 12 (LOLA) – Clifford is approx 8 years old and was surrendered to the Humane Society as a senior.

Zena the snobby cat (little grey cat) – adopted from a garbage heap in 2006.
Buddy the laid back cat (big boy – white with black ear and tail)- rescued from freezing to death in my back yard in 2007 – age unknown
Jinx the little trouble maker (black with white face) – rescued from starvation in my garage in 2008

Lady, my 13 yr. old Black Lab, and Lola my 6 yr old Yellow Lab . CLICK HERE.

Learn why you should make your own homemade dog food.

 Lady  likes certified organic dog food


Lola Lady and Lola
Susie Lola and Zena
Lola Lady
Lola Lady and Buddy Lola and Lady
Jinx and me Zena, Jinx and Buddy Lola and Zena
Zena Lady, Lola and Jinx
Lady Lady and Lola Lola
Lola Lady Lady
Lady Lady and Lola Lady and Lola
Lola Lovely Lady Jinx
Lola and Lady Zena Buddy



  1. Just discovered your site – great work! Proper canine nutrition has become my passion too. Research is everything and if only people knew what they were feeding their dogs. With proper nutrition I think a lot of cancers and other illnesses would be less.

    I do a lot of holistic research, work with my vet and the vet students at MSU so here’s hoping the Kirbster lives a long healthy happy life! I’ll be checking back to learn more!

  2. Hi Janelle and thank you for visiting:

    Basically these questions are all answered throughout the site, for those interested.

    I am not a veterinarian and do not give out any medical advice. This website is for those seeking information and is for those who want to read, educate themselves and join others
    in lively discourse as seen here. – My disclaimer states on my HOMEMPAGE:

    BEGIN QUOTE-“Ultimately the use of common sense from all of us, the consumer is necessary. Learn about the company philosophies, policies and practices that produce the food for our pets. Questions you should ask yourself – Does the company use local food, are they a family owned company, is the food GMO free, antibiotic free, preservative free, additive free, corn and wheat free. Do they use chelated minerals, natural preservatives, human grade manufacturing facilities, use organic and free range farming etc.
    Read, Review and Be Aware of what dog food ingredients should and should not be present in today’s commercial dog foods, and making an educated choice is imperative to giving your companion the best chance for a longer, healthier life.
    Eliminate processed foods on a daily basis, as the chemicals, preservatives, additives, by-products, and junk from the rendering process are all known to be the cause of increased pet diseases and allergies.
    Don’t fall for what the big commercial companies have brainwashed us into believing – that your companion animal must eat the same dry chemical filled meal day in and day out for their entire lives – NOT TRUE, NOT NECESSARY AND NOT HEALTHY! Rotation and variety are best!
    Dr. Andrew Jones is a veterinarian promoting healthier lifestyles for pets, and I use him as my “go to guy” for my educated answers……
    I am not a vet or animal nutritionist, so always check with your own authority with any questions or problems. This is just a general starting guide for anyone interested in upgrading their pet’s diet.
    See my little Beagle Susie here, who passed away in 2005 from cancer, before the contamination and recall. Since then consumer’s awareness has been raised.
    Susie’s premature death from Cancer, and the recall both happened the same year, and this motivated me start reading, reviewing and educating myself about the big corporations disregard for our pets.
    This website is dedicated to SUSIE. Through my research, recommendations, reviews, recipes and comparisons, I have tried to clarify and navigate through the dog food puzzle.

    Also note that i have recommended those wishing to change, upgrade and find a better nutritional diet for their dogs to:

    • “Always check with your vet, or purchase an excellent dog food recipe book that is focused on canine nutrition. You will find so many excellent books, with choices for variation of recipes that sometimes you will think you are reading a human cookbook.
      Your dog can quickly become deficient in certain areas if not given the proper balance of food, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and supplements.
      Research, read and follow the advice of someone who is a professional.
      My guideline above is just that. I am not a specialist or expert, although I have spent a lot of time reading, reviewing and looking into what is needed to feed homemade dog food. FOUND AN THIS POST
    • Easy, Nutritious and Healthy Homemade dog food recipes are listed below. Each dog food recipe is based on the number of calories needed for that weight. Follow directions carefully. A video link to Dr. Jone’s directions is included.
      Dr. Jones is a veternarian in British Columbia, Canada, also know as The Online Vet. “IS FROM VET APPROVED HOMEMADE DOG FOOD RECIPES HERE
    • “*NOTE* I am not a vet or specialist and advise you read and understand the nutritional necessities of dogs before switching to a homemade dog food diet” – IS STATED ON THIS POST
    • “I am not a pet nutritionist, and am doing this through investigating, educating myself, and reading about the horrible commercial pet food industries disgusting manufacturing for profit mentality.
      Always check with your vet or a professional animal nutritionist before starting your pet on a new diet.
      NOTE: *TABLE SCRAPS are not nutritious or healthy and are NOT RECOMMENDED.
      Check with a professional, such as a pet nutritionist or a veterinarian that specializes in pet nutrition, before switching over to a home cooking for your dog.
      This can be done easily by reading books or joining an online vet such as Dr. Andrew Jones.
      This is where I have got most of my information before starting Lady and Lola on homemade.” – IS STATED ON THIS POST

    These are just a few examples of my disclaimers throughout the site.

    I also post comments for everyone to be able to join in with lively discourse as you can see – Some people give opinions to each other in this forum consisting of hundreds of comments, including comments from veterinarians.


    DOGS ARE CARNIVORES, following the long ancestral history as canids. Dogs are Carnivores  

    Also: Here are a few websites I’ve sourced from regarding the problem with rendering, by products, and the problems with pets eating pets.


    We don’t need to go to vet school to understand this. A pet food contamination and recall in 2008 killed thousands of our precious companion animals, and most of what I have written about is common information.


    Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food

    Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats

    Buyer Beware: The Crimes, Lies and Truth about Pet Food

    The Truth About Pet Foods

    Not Fit for a Dog!: The Truth about Manufactured Cat and Dog Food

    The Dog Food Doctrine: The Shocking Truth About Your Canine’s Cuisine

    For more information please feel free to check out my whole website. There is a menu bar across the top and also menus down the side.
    Once again, thank you for visiting and being so interested.


  3. I was wondering if you are a veterinarian? If so where did you get your degree? By some of the previous post I gather you are not a Licensed Veterinarian. With this being said where on earth did you get your information about by-products containing road kill, garbage, and euthanized animals? Where did you find dogs are carnivores and unable to digest corn or grains and that these things will kill them? I would love to see your source of information you gathered this from and studies that have proven that by-products, grains, and meat meals actually kill pets. Please fill me in with your qualifications/degree and schooling to make statements such as these and your sources you have gotten them from I would love to read about them. I am the type of person that likes to make sure I am getting my information from a trusted source before I believe everything I read online. If you would let me know I would appreciate it.

  4. Love the site I’ll have to share on my FB page
    I started my online and local delivery to Villa park IL Pet store to encourge people to feed raw diets and grain free foods . Glad your out there encourging this as well . Another great book on nutrition is Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats. Dr. Becker is my Vet and also just got to see her seminar this past weekend on species apporpiate foods . Anyone one out there looking for great deals on Honest Kitchen , Sojo’s , stella and chewys .
    I ship freeze dried pet foods and offer local delivery of raw foods . check out for more info and
    call for any products you don’t see listed . I specail order and can ship anywhere in the U.S.

  5. Garlic powder and vanilla extract should be fine. I know there is garlic in brewers yeast tablets and most of the dog treats have vanilla extract in them. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to spice your dogs actual food. They like bland. Just veggies/fruits and meats are good.

  6. Hello! I came across your comment and thougt that you may be able to help me! I am über new to the homemade dog food and was wondering what recipes you have found to be the best?! I have 2 dogs that refuse to eat dog food and so I’ve been giving them human food and now I have an overweight Maltese and a Chorkie who refuses to eat a thing unless there’s cheese.. I want my fur babies to eat happily but health is far more important to me.. Any help is appreciated! Searching I have found recipes that sound good but I’m not sure of the nutrition they will be getting and or lacking..

  7. I agree with you 100% about using pesticides, insecticides and poisons for flea control. It is not something I do either.

    As for using fresh garlic read This article from the ASPCA, Is Garlic Toxic to Pets?

    It is not known what amount constitutes “too much”, and I know it is promoted for all you have mentioned above. Seems like you have found the right amount for your dogs. As long as they are tolerating it without the nasty gastrointestinal side effects, I would also concur this is a much better method of flea control.


  8. Jan

    I am not qualified to answer medical of health issues, but will leave this comment open for others.

    I am so sorry for your poor Moon Bear and hope all works out.


  9. Hi Karen:

    I am definitely not qualified to advise about any medical issues, and would suggest following your vet’s advice pertaining to any health problems.
    Here is a great reference about Low Ash Commercial Dog Food. All the foods here are higher end grain free dog foods, with a low or negligible ash count.

    The Dog Food Project


  10. Hi, my shichi had to have an emergency operation to remove crsytalized bladder stones. Our vet told us we have to put her on a low ash diet. We are looking at all of our option, but can’t find any homemade recipes for low ash diets. I don’t really know what to look for in the ingredients and our vet is just pushing a couple of brands. I want more options. Can you please help?

  11. Thank you for such a wonderful website, . We are thankful for this information and I am very sorry for your loss.

  12. My 7 yr old chow chow, Moon Bear has mega esophagus, he has a feeding tube for water and food. I’m looking for recipes to make healthy, vitamin enriched, caloric filled food for him. The Royal Canin diet, Recovery, is what I feed him now, mixed in the blender with equal amounts of water so it will go through the tube. Moon Bear is a precious little guy with a terrible disease. I am devoted to giving him time for the esophagus to heal and go back to its original size, hopefully. The Royal Canin diet cost 60.00 a week, that is 3 cans per day. Eventually I hope he can hold more food, but now two months into tube feedings, three cans a day is what he can hold. Anyone have any idea’s? He has lost three lbs. since the diagnosis in June, today we go in for a check up to see if he is holding on to 30lbs. Thank you, jan mosher and moon bear

  13. I think the verdict on garlic needs to be reexamined and overturned. My small breed dogs moved with us to Mexico. They had been on a monthly regimen of Frontline and/or Advantix for some years. After a few months here the ticks came fast and furious, seemingly impervious to the meds. I researched flea and tick remedies and started to put 1 clove of fresh garlic into their “wet” food (1/2 breast cooked chicken, 1 small cooked fish fillet. 1/2 carrot, fresh raw spinach, broccoli stalk pieces, enough chicken broth to process), and mix 2 tblsps. with 1/2 cup kibble at feeding time. One batch of the wet food lasts 4 days, divided among 4 small (12-16 lbs.) dogs. Within 3 days the ticks had disappeared and have not returned. It has been 6 weeks since the last Frontline treatment; no ticks, no fleas, and I’ll bet mosquitoes don’t like garlic either. I have read that some people give and have been giving for years 1/2 to 1 clove a day. I found that I don’t need to give that much. My dogs love the taste, it is a natural preservative, and it surely beats giving my dogs all of the insecticide we had been poisoning them with, which compromises their livers and eventually kills them, at best shortens their lifespans.

  14. New to homemade pet food…Searched and searched all over internet for weeks! Finally found this site. The information I have learned here is simple to understand. The the recipes provided have ingredients that can be found at any grocery store. I so am excited to start!

  15. Wonderful site and blogs. I don’t believe owners understand completely what they are feeding their pets when their buying the “commercial” food at discount stores. Read what is in the bag. It’s disgusting at times. Do your homework and research and find the best you can afford. Dog food is linked to various canine health issues.

    Thank you.

  16. Great information regarding dogs with food allergies. Love your site! Thank you for all the time you’ve invested in getting this info out to people such as ourselves. Best wishes (and loved seeing/reading about your sweet pets)!

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