Dog Food Secrets Review – The Sad Truth About the Dog Food Industry

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After reading and learning about Dog Food Secrets, I switched my Lab, Lady to a Healthy Homemade Dog Food. Almost immediately I saw a dramatic improvement in her health, and her allergies (incessant paw licking and scratching) stopped completely.

dog food secrets review


Are you killing your dog? You may be and not know it. Important information about
low grade commercial pet food has been discovered since the contamination scare.

  • Do you really know what you are feeding your dog?
  • Go ahead, go read the ingredient label right now…..Can you even identify half of the ingredients?
  • Did you know that most commercial pet foods are made of trash…literally?

If you think, like I did, that buying kibble labeled as chemical and preservative free makes them safe, think again… it's just more lies!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more disgusting ingredients in commercial dog food that we should all be aware of when choosing what to feed our pets.

Euthanized pets are shipped to rendering plants and melted down!

dog food secrets

  • An industrial solvent derived from petroleum
  • An artificial coloring tied to cancer of the kidneys
  • A preservative banned from use in many other countries
  • Another preservative, never proven safe, and implicated in cancer
  • A synthetic form of a common vitamin linked to anemia, immune system deficiencies and liver damage

Information about dog foods that are dangerous or even deadly has become readily available to all of us. Reading and learning is the best way to make an educated decision.

Dog Food Secrets

CLICK HERE FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION and find out about the benefits of making your own fresh healthy homemade dog food, versus feeding a cheap commercially prepared chemical filled crap.

All Natural labelling doesn't always mean healthy. Be extremely vigilant when reading labels and look for terms such as human grade, organically certified, pesticide and herbicide free, with no chemical additives or preservatives.

Healthy dog food will prolong your pets life, increase his mobility and zest for life. Feeding your dog a healthy diet will also improve their skin, fur, prevent tooth decay, reduce obesity and many diseases and give them a general feeling of well being.

Cheap Commercial Dog Food = The Equivalent of a Lifetime of Fast Food.

Just like we feel sluggish and “off” when we overindulge in high calorie, fat laden diets, so do our pets. Imagine eating the same preservative filled, chemical laden unhealthy diet day after day. Your pet feels the same way.

When we switch to a healthy lifestyle and eat the proper nutritious food we feel more energetic and so do our precious pets.

Remember we speak for our pets, and their unconditional love is always given no matter what.

Dog Food Secrets

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  1. i never thought this kind of stuff is going on in our world especailly here in Canada where we have food and ample ammounts of it .To think I;am FEEDING MY BABY DOG Zena, dead cats and dogs is such an awful thought ,,…..Its no wonder Y she doesnt like her food and that i have such a hard time feeding her it .Beneful chicken 8kg bag is what she has been eating .Then I went AND GOT HER A BAG OF IAMS …………what a waste of money becuz she will never eat it or even go near it .sad to think I cant even trust these COMPANYS to get proper food for my dog …Iam ashamed but it wasnt me who changed her from natuarl dog food to garbage food …But its going to be me to fix her problem of eating good food .need recipes for hom,emade food thanks for the info its needed when someone like me goes to buy dog food to know whats in it and how healthy it will be for my Zena .

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