Dog Health Symptoms of Illness

Dog Health Symptoms of Illness,

Abnormal Dog Health Symptoms of Illness, are most easily detected by the owners, than others. As you see your dog on a daily basis, you know if the amount of food eaten is normal.

Also if the usual level of activity changes drastically and suddenly, this could be a good indicator of illness in your pet. Always be aware of your dog’s health, and changes in behavior, so you can catch any illness or disease in the early stages.

There are many deadly diseases and infections that are completely preventable with vaccinations. These include adenovirus, parvovirus, rabies and distemper.

A simple dog health tip is don't miss your pet's annual visit to your veterinarian. Doing this will prevent the problems of these infections.

Any pet showing signs of abnormal dog health should always be checked by a veterinarian as soon as possible. An early diagnosis always gives your pet a better chance of being cured of the problem before it snowballs into something that is life threatening.

Because, of course, your pet can’t convey his symptoms you must be very concise and explain exactly to the vet what has been going on, and for how long.

Certain early signs of sudden illness in your dog could be:

  • not eating well, or at all. Also if there is a sudden increase in water consumption, this could indicate something is wrong physically.
  • A reduced energy level that goes on for more than a day is also symptomatic of sickness. A sudden change in the attitude or personality of your dog is also a sign of illness
  • Whining, pacing, or excessive sleeping should be checked immediately. Indication of pain, by touch, limping or any other obvious sign that the dog is in immediate distress is certainly symptom to be checked out right away.

Signs of dog illnesses with a gradual onset may not be as obvious as the above symptoms, such as:

  • Your dog may seem lethargic some days, and not so bad others.
  • You notice their fur coat is not as shiny or glossy as it once was. Perhaps even becoming dull, brittle and falling out or breaking off.
  • The eyes may appear bloodshot, cloudy, with a discharge, leaking, running or tearing, leaving long tear tracks down their face. This could be a health symptom of a sick dog, if your dog’s eyes don’t normally do this.
  • A slow, gradual loss of weight over a period of time should always be investigated.
  • Irritation of the skin, or rashes and outbreaks or unusual lumps, could indicate many problems such as allergies, depressed immune system or worse, and if persistent should be treated by your vet.
  • Prolonged discharge from the nose is another dog health symptom to be checked out.

Signs of healthy happy pets are:

  • A normal regular appetite, with no changes.
  • Also energy levels remain consistent
  • A happy exuberant tail wagging greeting when you come home.
  • Eyes are bright, coat is shiny, and healthy looking.
  • The pet will move with agility and no signs of pain or discomfort anywhere.
  • A normal temperature should read between 100 and 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Most important in a happy healthy pet is their personality and attitude, which should be consistent and unchanging.

Enjoy your pet to the fullest, and pay attention to him/her and you will be rewarded continually.

You will be more confident and better able to judge when and if your need to see your vet.