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How to Make Homemade Dog Food for beginners   – START HERE. 

This is my Golden Labrador Retriever, Lola. There is nothing more gratifying than having my vet ask me what I am doing to make her so healthy. He noticed her skin, coat, teeth and overall health was superior. I felt like a proud parent, and told him I fed her  a homemade natural dog food diet that I found here

LOLA EATS Healthy Homemade Dog FoodLearn the proper nutritional proportions and healthy homemade dog food recipes. These will actually help extend your dog's life.

You won't believe how fast your dog's health and behavior will improve, and you will  reduce your dog food costs by up to 50%. 

There is not a single better way to return your dog's unconditional love than by giving him the best natural food, homemade by you.

Just imagine improved health, which in turn will increase your dog's life. This will ultimately give you many more years to spend with your faithful companion.

If you are one of those pet parents who give their dog's the best of everything, then this is really something you should look into trying. By eliminating preservatives, chemicals and additives you will soon see a different dog.

This is a proven fact – the same as with us.

Eliminating junk food from our diets will increase our health. The same is true for our dogs. There are so many unnecessary and harmful ingredients in commercial dog food, especially the cheaper brands. The only way to know for sure what your dog is eating is to prepare the dog food for yourself.

It will ultimately be cheaper in the long run, and by making batches once or twice weekly and storing the food in serving size portions it soon becomes an easy way to feed your pet.

Lady my Black Lab is 13 years old in this pic, and has eaten homemade natural dog food for many years now.

The recipes found  HERE  have been carefully put together with each meal giving your dog the perfect amount of every essential need for his daily diet.

This is my old girl Lady, who had many problems when she was eating commercial dog food. She had horrible dog food allergies, which completely disappeared when I switched her to a  healthy homemade dog food diet.  

 See Lady's story here,  and also more about Lady  here – she is oh so sweet and trusting and I give her the best that I can. 

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