Senior Dogs | Dog Age Chart

Senior Dogs | Dog Age Chart

DOG AGE CALCULATOR – A Dog's Age in Human Years.

Check out your dog's comparative age here.

A Dog's Age in Human Years
Age Up to 20 lbs 21-50 lbs 51-90 lbs Over 90 lbs
5 36 37 40 42
6 40 42 45 49
7 44 47 50 56
8 48 51 55 64
9 52 56 61 71
10 56 60 66 78
11 60 65 72 86
12 64 69 77 93
13 68 74 82 101
14 72 78 88 108
15 76 83 93 115
16 80 87 99 123
17 84 92 104 Red numbers =

Blue numbers =
18 88 96 109
19 92 101 115
20 96 105 120
Chart developed by Dr. Fred L. Metzger, DVM, State College, PA. Courtesy of Pfizer Animal Health.
From young, healthy, and full of energy to old and grey in the blink of an eye: LADY'S AGING PROCESS – 1997 through 2010
Lady's first baby checkup - 1997 at the vet's office Beautiful young Lady - so elegant and agile

I can't believe that I have had Lady by my side as a loyal companion since September 1997.

According to the age chart Lady is now in her 80's somewhere.  Yikes.

SENIOR DOGS need a special diet.

Well, just these last few months I've noticed my Lady girl really slowing down, and even right now as I write this I'm getting emotional, as I know the signs and symptoms of old age are quickly accelerating.

She started barking at nothing a few months ago, and at time seems confused. I try to reassure her and stay calm and keep her surroundings quiet when she gets like this.

My younger Lab Lola, sometimes thinks this is play time and she gets quite excited and wants to play and jump around Lady.  

I've also noticed that our daily walks have slowly shortened. We used to go out every morning, for a nice long walk.

Lady and Lola still look forward to this, but Lady can't keep up. One day about 2 months ago Lady just sat down and wouldn't move.

I had to coax her to get her home. It took a while, and I was starting to wonder what I would do if she just simply refused to walk. I certainly can't pick her up and carry her.

So now I have adjusted our schedule to a short walk (10 minutes) in the morning and another one in the evening. Old age and difficultly with mobility is not a reason to stop exercise altogether, but adjust to your senior's ability.

It will be ever changing, with better days and worse days, with walks accordingly.

I have slowed my walking pace down to Lady's, and then Lola and I go back out for a brisker, longer adventure afterwards.

I have decided to switch her dog food to a more easily digestable senior food.

Best Senior Dog Food Recommendations

Switching to a senior dog food has the advantage of inluding glucosomine and other necessary supplements needed for seniors to keep them mobile and boost their immune systems.

I also got Lady a nice heated bed, which she really enjoys. She has always preferred the cooler weather and still enjoys staying out in the snow, but now the warmth seems to soothe her. See Lady still enjoying the snow here.

I try to keep Lady interested and active in our daily lives still, just as always.

Just because senior dogs are less energetic and quieter, doesn't mean they need less love and attention.

Lady is always by my side and I make sure to give her special attention and praise just for being there.

Becoming informed about conditions common to older dogs, and therapies that are recommended for them will be helpful in easing into old age. 

Also, as always with any age dog, be alert and aware of any changes in health or personality.

Any unusual or new symptoms such as excessive thirst, weight loss, loss of appetite, confusion, disorentation, being withdrawn or elimination accidents should be checked by your vet.

A friend of my husband's found Lady and her brother (who he adopted and still has to this day) in deplorable conditions. 

The people who had the puppies were going to let them die because they didn't want the expense of feeding them.  These were the only two surviving puppies from a litter of many.

I'm thankful every day for my companion and best friend, and hope other people will rescue animals and give them a forever home.

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  1. We have a 1 year old Maltese (Lucy) and an 11 year old Maltese (Maddie). We feed them both Eukanuba because that is the dog food that the breeder recommended. We give Maddie the senior food and Lucy the adult food. Do you recommend Eukanuba brand dog food for Maltese and if not what do you recommend for Maltese dogs?

  2. Hi Michele

    I recommend Taste of the Wild as one of my Top 10 best food, and also best dog food listed alphabetically.

    I also have it listed in the sidebar at right =====> under MY BEST PICKS – DOG FOOD BRANDS Listed Alphabetically, Updated 2013.

    It is one of my personal favourites. They do not make a specific senior formula, but it is still highly recommended. Senior dog food is generally for dogs over the age of 7, and include extra glucosamine for joint health, especially in large breed dogs.

    I have all my pets on this supplement. You can find many excellent supplements for dogs also at you local pet store, your vet’s office and/or online such as any of these at AMAZON.COM

    If he is thriving I would keep up the good work.

    Thank you for visiting and for being a wonderful savior to your special friend.


  3. I recently rescued a 5 year old great dane (my 1st large breed dog) and when I first brought him home he was extremely underweight & very ill. I am elated to report that he is at healthy weight and is a healthy, happy boy now. Since he had so many health related issues when I got him I had to experiment with different foods that would agree with his delicate tummy. He is currently on Taste of the Wild, but noticed that this brand is not mentioned on your website. Can you give me your professional opinion with this brand so I can determine if this is in fact the best product for him & his aging health?
    I greatly appreciate your assistance.

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