Cat Training Tips


Zena on her new bed.

Cat Training Tips

Zena and Lola still babies.
This is our little princess, ZENA.

Lady and Lola found her in the garbage, out at the end of my long driveway one summer morning in 2006. She was only about 2or 3 weeks old when I picked her out of the garbage pail, that was waiting for our weekly pickup.

I shudder to think about her horrible end if my 2 girls hadn't kept up the racket of barking, jumping and running around the garbage, until I noticed this tiny little sweet baby.

She's gone from a throwaway to an extremely lucky, spoiled girl, who gets organic cat food, along with special homemade food, and is in excellent health.  She is tiny (only around 7 pounds) but physically in perfect shape.

Lola @ six months old, sleeping with her best friend, Zena the CatShe wasn't weaned yet when the girls found her, so up to vet I went and got the proper supplies, liquid food, bottles, and syringes to feed her with. I spent many weeks nursing Zena (aka ZeeZee, or Zenie and sometimes Zene Zene my Jelly Bean)

As you can see she is fine now. She rules all of us, but I am the only human that has permission to approach her or touch her.  She will allow me to pet her, only when she requests it.  

She is quite snotty, self-reliant, independant, and really not very social, but adorable.

Cat Secrets

Her and Lola were both babies here together, so they have a special bond. Lola is the only other animal allowed near Zena, and they sometimes sleep together. They have the cutest play times together that is just adorable to watch. Lola is extremely gentle, and Zena seems to rule her also.



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